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Ghar 1978 Full Movie 74 ##TOP##

We were in boarding school, with Doordarshan for company. Saturday night movies were something we could watch staying up late. I did not see this one in full, but my friends were narrating the story and I told them its based on an old film.

ghar 1978 full movie 74


One thing that I could not understand after watching the full movie is why Meena is shown as frightened out of her wits by spotting someone wearing two-toned shoes because she comes to know of the identity of that person (wearing two-toned shoes) the next day only when he calls her over phone. In that party, she met only Captain Mahendra (and that too later). Did she happen to see the face of that two-toned shoes wearing person also which might have frightened her ? At least the explanation of the various intriguing events and actions of Meena furnished by the narrator (through flashback) in the penultimate sequence of the movie does not confirm it. You can throw some light on it and clear my doubt.


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