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It is unquestionably a cause for despair when a YouTube cat video has more views than a carefully crafted production piece. Many of us on the techie side of the industry rage at celebrity bloggers who are self-appointed self-vetted experts with large followings and dubious accuracy. Components of my own business are dropping. Yet with all of this, I consider myself a hopeful individual.

Watch Hope And A Little Sugar Full Video Online

Krystal 11:18not at all? No, not at all even. Okay, so then when he was around two, three months old, he started having seizures. And I couldn't figure out why. They weren't normal seizures like you see in a TV, his arm would start shaking while he was nursing. And then his other arm arm would start shaking and then his whole body would be like convulsing, but just lightly, you know what I mean? So at first I figured maybe it was just like weird. Babies spasms, you know how babies don't have control of their muscles. And I was like, that's a little weird, but it's okay. So I didn't really do anything about it for a couple of weeks, until I was nursing him one day, and he had like a full on convulsion. And so I recorded it. Because his his seizures were so few and far in between. There was never any consistency. And so I recorded that like really bad convulsion because his whole body was trembling, and he was shaking while he was nursing. And so when I brought him to the hospital, they put on a hemorrhage, the ECG or EKG, the one that goes on the head to map to map the brainwaves. So they do watch his brainwaves. His brainwaves were normal. And then so they sent me home and never called me back. And that really makes me angry. Because we have a three month old having a seizure. And because it's brainwave is normal, they didn't offer to check anything else. And so I went home with this child who is seething and yeah, that was pretty much it. I was told that he was okay, there was nothing wrong. And so I kind of lived with him until he was about seven, eight months old. Having these seizures every now and then. And he was a really, like, he would cry a lot as a baby, which I kind of just chalked up to being colicky. You know, that's like a normal thing. But in hindsight, I realized that he was uncomfortable because he was literally starving to death because the sugars were too high. Because he would nurse all the time, all day, all day, all day, like all day, long all night. And when he started eating food, he would eat, eat, eat and chug water like I've never seen, right. And so I realized now in hindsight, that it was because he was a diabetic, you know what I mean? How old were

while crystal finds a quieter place, I have time to do this. G voc hypo pan has no visible needle, and is a premixed auto injector of glucagon for treatment of very low blood sugar. In adults and kids with diabetes ages two and above. Find out more go to Jeeva forward slash juicebox. G voc shouldn't be used in patients with insulinoma or pheochromocytoma. Visit G voc So the fact is, we all need medical supplies, but it's not a fact that getting them needs to be difficult. And instead of doing a classic us med add, today, I'm going to tell you a story. Arden's home from school and she's sick. Turns out she may have a sinus infection, and she's pretty wrecked. So we got out Arden's blood ketone meter to make sure that she doesn't develop ketones while she's fighting this illness. And she doesn't feel well. I mean, she's beat up, she's feverish and has a headache and her nose is full, she can't breathe. And I say to her, Listen, let's check your ketones to make sure. Well, after about the fourth or fifth time that the test trip wouldn't work, she was getting sick and tired of it. We had poked our finger like five times. And each time, nothing happened. And I was irritated. And I felt like an idiot. I was like what's going wrong here. But you know what was going wrong. Our old supplier sent us the wrong test strips. And they were in a box that was so similar to the correct test strips, none of us noticed. Now, when you think of why you might want to use us Med, you know, they've asked me to tell you about always having fast and free shipping, they always provide 90 days worth of supplies. They accept Medicare nationwide, and over 800 private insurers you know, I tell you about their A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, etc, etc. They've got FreeStyle Libre three and Dexcom G six, and you can get Omni pod from there in tandem and blah, blah, I tell you that stuff all the time, right? Here's what I don't tell you is that when your kid is sick, and everybody is just on edge, it's nice to reach into a drawer and pull out the thing you expected to have. That's it. Us forward slash juice box. We've been using them for quite some time now. It's a lovely experience. I hope you give them a try. You can also call 888-721-1514. Call today or go online, get your free benefits check and get started with us, man. I know it sounds like Oh, I gotta switch everything over and it's gonna suck and everything. But doesn't it suck now with whoever you're using it? Maybe it doesn't. And if it doesn't, you know what, fine, don't switch. But if you're fighting constantly with your diabetes supply distributor, do yourself a favor and check out us met. I'm gonna get you back to Crystal. Now she does find a quieter spot. But I first want to remind you that if you need any of the things that were mentioned today by the advertisers using my link supports the show. That's it. I don't make money every time you buy something or anything like that. It's as easy as if the advertisers see people coming through the podcast. They buy more ads, when they buy more ads. I can spend my whole life sitting here in front of this microphone, making a podcast for you. So if you have the need, please use my legs. Thank you very much


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