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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Cracking Student Enrollment Database Software

Definition: Dual enrollment is taking courses at the collegiate level while still in high school and receiving college and high school credit simultaneously. All dual enrollment students are enrolled as non-degree seeking students at Salisbury University. Some dual enrollment students take regular classes at Salisbury University (either online or on campus) and some take special courses taught at your high school.

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What are the disadvantages? As with any course, performance matters, especially if you are using the dual enrollment course for graduation requirements. Courses at Salisbury University are rigorous and fast-paced, so they may be more challenging than a similar course taught at your high school. It does cost to enroll (with the exception of FARMS students); however, the rate you pay as a dually enrolled student is much less than you will soon be paying in regular tuition and fees at college

For Maryland residents, the tuition for dual enrollment (inclusive of all fees) is $150 per credit hour but is completely paid for by Somerset County Public Schools. There are no additional costs to the student or parents. For non-Maryland residents, please contact your guidance office for more information.

For Maryland residents, the tuition for dual enrollment (inclusive of all fees) is $135 per credit hour. For non-Maryland residents, the tuition (inclusive of all fees) is $270 per credit hour. For students who qualify for free and reduced meals, there is no cost to participate in dual enrollment programs.

Can I take a dual enrollment course in the summer session at SU? No, eligible dual enrollment courses are only available during the regular fall and spring semesters at SU. You can, however, take summer courses at SU as a regular Non-degree Seeking student and transfer those courses to your home University, but you will pay the regular tuition rate. To register for a summer course contact the Registrar's Office -

What are the advantages of taking dual enrollment courses at Salisbury University versus another institution? We believe that the educational quality that you will receive at Salisbury University is outstanding. You will also gain valuable experience in a University classroom, much like you will encounter once you enroll in a University full-time as a degree-seeking student. Also, the University credits that you earn through Dual Enrollment at SU are very likely to be accepted, no matter where you go to college.

The key argument against taking an approved AP course for dual enrollment is the cost. Even at the significantly discounted rate, students will pay a few hundred dollars to dually-enroll in a course at Salisbury University. It costs about $95 to take most AP exams. Each private school and public school district has a slightly different cost to dually-enroll, so check the information above. Public school students who receive free and/or reduced meals pay nothing for dual enrollment, making the program extremely attractive.

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Wayne State University's Fact Book is an annual publication by the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (OIRA) in collaboration with numerous units on campus, including the Budget Office, Human Resources, Financial Aid, Facilities and Planning Management, etc.. The Fact Book presents snapshots and trends pertaining to student admissions, enrollment, financial aid, degrees conferred, cohort retention and graduation rates, faculty and employees snapshots, finances and expenditure, and various aspects of the University. It is published each year in February/March with data as of the most recently completed fall and/or fiscal year -- much of the data is based on the University's official Census Data captured on Census Day. If you have questions about the data contained herein, please contact Alicia Roman (GI9614).

The Software Center is an application available on university-managed Windows workstations. Software Center allows for self-installation of common University licensed software as well as Microsoft and 3rd party application updates.


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