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Landon Ward
Landon Ward

SBK 09 Superbike World Championship

The Superbike World Championship comes back to life in SBK09: the teams, the riders, the bikes and the tracks of the world's most thrilling motorbike competition. All the aspects of the Championship have been faithfully reproduced in each aspect of the game: the menu graphics and the TV cameras, the pit, the paddock show, the starting grid and the fascinating "umbrella girls" will contribute to make the gaming experience as involving as possible.Thanks to a series of options it's possible to make the game more faithful to the real thing or easier and more accessible, based on one's preferences. After selecting the preferred riding style between Basic, Arcade, Advanced, Simulation and Extreme, it's possible to adapt the game to each own needs: braking assistance, power braking, front and rear braking at once or separate control, traction control, advanced physics, off track stability control, rider's health, bike damages, tire wear, starting help, automatic transmission, rider position control, official rules, warm up lap, false start penalty, ideal trajectory, riding help.When selecting the Simulation riding model there are many things that need to be taken into consideration: tires wear down, brakes can wear down, the bike can be damaged and the rider can be injured when an accident occurs. It's therefore important to find the best setup for the bike changing suspension setup, handling geometry, braking, chainring length, gear ratio and tire type.

SBK 09 Superbike World Championship

Founded in Milan in 1996, Milestone S.r.l. is the biggestItalian developer and it is recognized worldwide as the leadingItalian developer of interactive entertainment software specializedin racing videogames. In 2002 Milestone S.r.l. became part of theLeader Group. An obsessive desire for quality combined with anelaborate attention to detail have always been the trademarks andphilosophy of the company. SBK Superbike World Championshipseries is a clear example. Milestone is developing products forcurrent and next gen platforms: PS2, PSP, Xbox360, PS3, PC as wellas for Interactive Television.

For me though it's got to be inFamous on PS3. Not the world's best game, but extremely solid despite leaving you feeling a bit wimpy. I've had a hankering to go back and replay it ever since I finished it.

Rightly or wrongly - let's assume wrongly - I've always assumed that the simulation end of the racing market is the equivalent of breaking out the many-sided dice and little lead figurines; that it's an intimidating yet intensely rewarding wonderland designed exclusively for the kind of mind that revels in the tweaking of stats and the exploitation of complex details. That would make a superbike sim roughly analogous with a pen-and-paper RPG set within a fictional universe created by Derrida.

Even in SBK 09 the bikes could feel a little stiff as they moved around the track, but here there's a real springiness as you shift your weight back and forth. It's hardly the caricatured physics of something like Trials HD, but it adds an extra element of strategy to your race, and helps with the - first time I've ever used this word, and I feel slightly dirty - verisimilitude. (Actually, seeing as my own superbike career was cruelly cut short due to a muddle of drugs allegations and industrial espionage, I'm clearly in no position to say just how real it feels, but it feels like it feels real, and that's the important thing.) 041b061a72


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