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The College of the Ozarks represents one of the top free online colleges on our list. The school offers a sizable endowment, which provides the opportunity for full-time students to graduate with no debt, thanks to scholarships, grants, and ample work-study programs. Also, thanks to the debt-free mission offered by the institution, students work on-campus at college-provided jobs, but no money is exchanged between employee (the student) and employer (the college). Instead, students receive compensation in the form of free tuition. Full-time students must commit to work 15 hours per week while in school and two forty-hour weeks during breaks each year. The College of the Ozarks is accredited, and ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

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Curtis Institute of Music is one of the top free online colleges on our list. Recognized as a leading conservatory, the school provides training and education to gifted musicians and prepares them for careers as performing artists at the highest professional level. Curtis is highly selective and only admits the best. All admitted students, regardless of need, receive merit-based, full-tuition scholarships. The school awards talent instead of need. Some courses are available so that students may educate themselves with free open and online courses; however, degrees are awarded only to those who learn on campus. Curtis is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as a top art school and a leader in offering free online programs.

Deep Springs College lands a spot on our list of free online colleges due to its commitment to ensuring that all selected applicants are not burdened by financial considerations. In fact, the school awards a full scholarship valued at over $50,000, which includes the cost of tuition, room, and board. While students are expected to pay for their own books, medical insurance, and incidental expenses, the large tuition bill is paid in full by the institution. However, in cases of extreme financial hardship, the smaller bills can be covered by additional scholarship monies. Minimal online courses are available, as most students enroll full-time on-campus, but due to the changing educational landscape, more online programs are becoming available.

All admitted students at Williamson College of the Trades attend on full scholarships that cover the costs of tuition, room, board, and books. Students are required to cover entrance fees and charges accrued for personal items or annual breakage fees, but for the most part students attend college free from all major costs. While Williamson College offers online courses and programs, most lead to associate degrees in trade programs. Trade programs include construction technology, horticulture and turf management, machine tool technology, paint and coatings technology, and power plant technology. Williamson College lands a spot on our list of free online colleges, as 100% of students attending the institution receive need-based scholarships to offset tuition and room/board. Students are not required to pay back any scholarship award, making Williamson a top free online college.

Barclay College offers all resident students an automatic $16,000 full-tuition scholarship upon acceptance to the institution. The school upholds its Christian mission to provide excellent education without the weight of debt on the shoulders of its student body. As a result of these beliefs, Barclay College enrolls a small number of students in undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and few classes are delivered online. However, we included the school on our list of free online colleges because of its commitment to debt-free education and the online classes available to enrolled students. Barclay is able to uphold its commitment to debt-free education thanks to college supporters who fund the full-tuition scholarship given to many students. Barclay is recognized by U.S. News and World Report among top faith-related schools.

With its large number of online programs and Aggie Assurance plan for free tuition, Texas A&M earns a spot in our top three free online colleges. The Aggie Assurance program aids students with a family income of $60,000 or less by providing scholarships and grants that cover tuition for all eligible students. You must be a Texas resident, entering as a freshman or undergraduate transfer student, and you and your family must have an adjusted gross income of $60,000 or less. To continue in the program from year to year, students must maintain a GPA of 2.5 and meet satisfactory academic progress requirements as set forth by the institution. In addition to the Aggie Assurance program and online offerings, Texas A & M offers rankings with major publications and the peace of mind of full accreditation. The school consistently ranks with U.S. news and World Report.

With numerous campuses in the University of North Carolina system, the Chapel Hill campus offers online and tuition-free options for undergraduate students. Low income students are provided a debt-free education at UNC through the Covenant Program. This program promises first-year and transfer students that they will graduate debt-free if they demonstrate financial need. Scholarships and grants are provided so that students do not have to take out loans and graduate with burdensome debt. Students receiving these scholarships agree to commit to work study programs and summer school programs. UNC offers a large number of online programs. Also, U.S. News and World Report ranks UNC #30 in best national universities.

The University of Missouri, one of our top choices for free online colleges, offers several scholarships that are automatically issued. Students are required to apply using the MU Annual Scholarship application. The scholarship program covers tuition, room, and board, as well as some fees and textbooks. Several other scholarship programs exist for non-resident students. For example, the Mark Twain Nonresident Scholarship offers a full waiver for tuition, room and board valued at approximately $15,838. Applicants must meet certain criteria to meet eligibility. Criteria includes satisfactory ACT scores above 30 or SAT scores above 1360. The University of Missouri lands in the top spot on our list due to the large number of online programs and scholarship opportunities that lead to free tuition.

Amarillo College provides students with free online degrees through a number of financial aid and scholarship programs. The institution has a strong online degree department that offers degrees entirely online with no campus residency requirements. Featured degrees include business administration, criminal justice, secondary education, mortuary science, and radiation therapy. These degrees can be used to transfer to a baccalaureate institution or enter the workforce. Students can qualify for free tuition and books through completing the financial aid application, as well as qualifying for one of more than 700 scholarship and support funds by completing the universal Amarillo College Foundation application.

Atlanta Technical College provides students with several pathways to a free online degree. Students can qualify through several federal and state financial aid need-based grants as well as scholarships and grants offered by the institution. In addition to traditional financial aid, need-based programs include the Georgia Hope Scholarship program, Phoenix Patriot Foundation Veterans scholarship, United Way of Greater Atlanta scholarship, and much more. Students can apply these financial aid and scholarship funds to a wide variety of online degrees that prepare them to continue their education at a four-year institution or enter the workforce. Atlanta Technical College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Bucks Community College provides students with several options to obtain a free online college degree through its generous financial aid offerings and scholarships. Students completing the free application for federal student aid may qualify for enough aid to cover their tuition and textbooks through a variety of state and federal grants that require no repayment. Additionally, students can apply and receive local and institutional funds from a variety of community partners as well as Bucks Community College. The majority of these financial options are need-based. Students may use these funds towards educational expenses as well as living expenses. Online programs include business administration, computer science, social work, criminal justice, and dozens more.

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Bunker Hill Community College features a substantial range of online degrees designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution or to enter the workforce. Financial aid opportunities exist through several programs, including state and federal funding as well as national, regional, and local monies. Programs at Bunker Hill can cover the cost of tuition as well as books, transportation, and even living expenses. Scholarships include the Nancy Myers Memorial scholarship, Frank J. Bellairs Memorial scholarship, and the BHCC Charlestown Resident award. There are also programs for veterans, low-income minorities, and first-generation college students. Bunker Hills is a top choice for free online colleges thanks to its sizable financial aid awards.

Students at Casper College are able to earn a free online college degree through several financial aid and scholarship programs available at the institution. Several transfer and workforce degrees with no on-campus requirement are also available, adding to a convenient learning process. Degrees include fire science, health science, hospitality, psychology, to name a few. Students completing the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) with a zero expected family contribution (EFC) can expect generous financial aid packages that cover tuition, books, and even some living expenses. Casper also has several need-based and merit scholarship funds including Foundation and Institutional scholarships, the Hathaway scholarship for Wyoming residents, and several other programs available on its website.


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