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Christopher Price

Norton Antivirus 2009 Product Key Generator

i installed the antivirus on my is marked that in computer a red sign showsup on it and shows that i am unprotectedfrom it. the all programme moves very slow. how can i do? pl also send me free latest norton antivirus system 2009 key. i have also heard that norton antivirous system is best. i want try the latest norton antivrous system in my pc.THANKS

Norton Antivirus 2009 Product Key Generator


I am a software developer. I develope softwares in vb6,, c#.But NetProtector antivirus which is a popular (average quality) antivirus here in india detects many times my vb6 application as virus. At the same time world class antivirus products such as norton, Kaspersky, Avira, Bit defender never detect any virus. Clearly this is false positive detection.When we complain and explain them that it is not affecting os files or customer data and it has no any harmful thing then firstly they say exclude the file from scan. When we say we have many customers there and each time it is not possible to explain and say everyone to exclude the file from scan. So you do the necessary exclusion or whatever in your antivirus program. Then they temporarily do it. But after some days same problem arises again.So I request through this forum hoping net protector guys might be seeing this site, please get rid of such false positive detentions..

I think you (all small developers facing the same problem) should collectively file a lawsuit against these stupid antivirus companies and could state your problems in the court and bring about a law that requires these companies to mandatorly display complete information of any software flagged as malware by them to the user and have an easy was to report false positives in their websites and must resolve the issue in a fixed amount of time and until then, not flag it as malware and just flag it as being processed for false positive. These so called antivirus companies have no right to defame you without evidence and proper disclosure of why a product has been flagged as a malware. I am sure that this is possible to implement by any antivirus company and people will benefit from it. Make all your points in courts and see what can be done.


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