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Experience in placing handicap total substitution betting

Current betting options are derived from football's reality. Handicap total substitution betting is also derived from substitution practices in football. This type of bet is quite popular in today's online betting industry. So what exactly is the substitution bet? Why do people compete so fiercely in this type of betting?

What is the substitution bet?

In football, the substitution rule allows a maximum of 3 substitutions per team during the official 90-minute match. This rule has been established by the highest authority in football.

In some friendly matches, there is an exception where up to 7 substitutions can be made, but generally, substitutions adhere to the initial standards set by football.

This substitution rule has enabled betting agencies to create a set of bets for players to quickly analyze, known as handicap total substitution betting. When analyzing this bet, players often refer to it as the "No.of Substitution" bet. When analyzing this bet, people will rely on the total number of substitutions in a match and the number of substitutions made by each team to determine whether to bet on a win or loss for that betting session.

Types of substitution bets applied

Although many betting enthusiasts prefer this type of bet, not all betting agencies develop this type of bet. Currently, only the reputable betting agency FB88 is applying this bet in the betting odds table for players to participate in.

In this type of bet, the betting agency offers different odds, such as:

Handicap substitution bet: Similar to Asian handicap bets, the handicap total substitution betting is also applied. The result of the bet will be based on which team makes more substitutions or fewer substitutions to determine the winning or losing bet. If the match is canceled, all substitution bets will be canceled as well.

Total Substitution Over/Under bet: This is one of the most popular types at FB88 - the reputable betting agency. They base the outcome on the total number of substitutions made by both teams throughout the match to determine the winner.

First substitution bet: When playing this bet, players always want to be the first to make a substitution. Based on the bet, the betting agency will determine who wins and who loses. In cases where both teams make substitutions simultaneously and both teams have 2 players accepted, the winning ticket will be counted for the player who is accepted first.

Last substitution bet: For those who want to wait for excitement and curiosity, this type of bet is for you. The bet will be based on which team makes the last substitution before the end of the match to decide the win and loss of the bet. Similar to the first substitution bet, if both teams substitute at the same time at the end, the winning ticket will be counted for the team that substitutes last.

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How to participate in substitution betting at FB88

FB88, a reputable betting agency, has stated that for substitution betting - acting as a subsidiary bet in today's hottest betting sets - should not be offered early in betting. Typically, the betting agency will offer this type of bet when the match is about to start because you need to know when the match takes place to follow and place bets, increasing the attractiveness of the match.

When playing substitution bets, although relying on luck is high, the development of the match can be analyzed by the betting person. For example, how the injury situation of the players, the history of the match in the previous matches, or the recent playing performance of each team, etc.

Participating in this bet is very simple. You just need to choose a reliable bookmaker like FB88 to place your desired amount of money into a match you love and expect, then place a handicap total substitution betting to place your bet.

Note to choose matches with high stability factors and the decision to substitute from coaches will always be highly appreciated, so the chance of winning for players will be much easier.

Experience in playing handicap betting

Playing handicap total substitution betting sometimes depends a lot on playing experience as well as deep analysis from players. Players who rely solely on luck will find it difficult to achieve big wins and sometimes suffer more losses. Some suggestions below hope to help players find the right direction for themselves:

Choose professional and reliable bookmakers Because handicap total substitution betting is just a subsidiary form of bet, few bookmakers introduce them into their system. So before playing, the first thing you need to do is choose a large-scale and reliable bookmaker rating. A bookmaker who knows how to offer reasonable odds and has attractive betting odds will make betting much more reassuring.

Have knowledge of how to analyze football betting Although many players think that the substitution bet only needs to rely on luck and personal judgment, if you want to have accurate predictions, players must have knowledge of football. When understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the teams and the nature of the match, then you will know how the substitutions will be made.

The match that substitutes should also be based on the nature of the match and the allocation of people in both teams to replace people. In large tournaments, substitution rules will be slightly changed to fit international football rules. Therefore, before placing a substitution handicap bet, you need to understand the substitution rules in each tournament and see if the odds offered by the bookmakers are appropriate.

Pay attention to the playing style of both teams When analyzing the handicap total substitution betting, the bettor should pay attention to the playing style of both teams. How the lineup is, what the situation is, and what is the defining style of play will guide the coach to choose the substitute and how to play.

Above are some information about handicap total substitution betting as well as how to place bets to achieve victory. If you are still worried and do not know which reputable bookmaker to bet on, visit once to experience the best bets.


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