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Beginner sewing patterns teach the most foundational sewing techniques. These patterns focus on the basics like sewing and finishing straight and curved seams, hemming, and simple shaping methods such as darts and gathers. In addition, beginner patterns omit closures, making them perfect if you are new to sewing or are looking for a quick and easy make.


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Advanced Beginner sewing patterns expand on the skills learned at the beginner level, helping you to build confidence and range as a sewer. You'll find simple knitwear projects, bias tape finishing techniques, and begin to explore closures at this skill level.

Intermediate level sewing patterns focus on more precision sewing. In this skill level, you'll learn specialty closures. Intermediate patterns also introduce the skills needed for simple lingerie and athletic wear projects.

Simplicity is our family brand with modern, chic designs for women, men and children. Plus exclusive indie sewing pattern collaborations with Mimi G, Madalynne, Gertie and Sew House Seven.

Whatever your level of expertise, whether you're a complete beginner or an expert seamstress, you'll be sure to find your next sewing project among our vast selection of patterns and tutorials. We're here to ensure that the whole sewing process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible for you, so take a browse through our pages and find the patterns that best suit your taste!

Among our various sections you'll find a vast array of sewing patterns stretching from easy sewing projects and beginner sewing projects, all the way up to the more sophisticated patterns and tutorials for the experts out there. Let your imagination run wild with all the sewing ideas provided in our sewing shop; sewing really has never been so much fun!

Maybe you've just learned how to sew? Or perhaps you're looking to master different sewing techniques? Well the best way to practice is by picking up a pattern and having a go for yourself! We've got women's clothing, children's clothing and baby's clothing patterns that encompass a whole rage of dresses, skirts, swimwear, together with hats & scarves and sweaters & cardigans for the winter months. Or perhaps you're looking for some soft or fluffy toys for your little ones? Not a problem: we've got enough plushies, felt, dolls and puppet patterns to keep them occupied for years!

Lets not forget those environmentally conscious seamstresses among us who are looking to upcycle. Fear not: our collection of upcycling ideas and patterns will be enough to keep your green-fingered hands busy with all the recycling and upcycling inspiration that you could ever dream of!

Maison Fauve put an emphasis on enjoying the process and share some great tutorials and ideas to hack your patterns on their site. I highly recommend clicking through to a pattern if it catches your eye and appreciating the level of detail and finish you can get with a Maison Fauve pattern.

I AM Patterns is one of the first indie sewing pattern brands I tried as a novice sewer, and I can confirm that my project was a success. I AM Patterns combines cool, everyday French/Parisian style with approachable designs and instructions for beginners and beyond! Typically, I AM Patterns designs come with numerous ways you can make them so you can get many makes from one pattern. I really love their simple and chic styling which reminds me that sometimes less is more!

The first pattern I made was the Jazz Jumpsuit which is part of an Ebook that gives you an unbelievable number of styles so you can make it 80 (that is not a typo!) ways. I adore their designs and would love to make the Partner Overalls next. You can also grab expansion packs for a number of their patterns which make them even more versatile.

Atelier Scammit is a Fold Line favourite. Founded by Parisian Johanna who lives in Bordeaux, the patterns are all about achieving a beautiful fit, cut and finish. The designs offer a perfect balance of elegant simplicity with pretty details. They are pieces you can throw on and feel 100% more stylish! From beginners to advanced sewers, Atelier Scämmit offer sewing patterns that will result in beautiful garments with a hint of French style!

French Poetry design styles worthy of the chicest ready-to-wear brands to burgeoning and experienced sewists. The Pleiades Dress (1 and 2) is very popular in the sewing community thanks to its chic and feminine style.

We are a sewing community for makers and designers. Here we share videos and resources to inspire your next make and all the latest news from the world of sewing. We also support indie pattern designers, showcasing their latest creations and keeping you up to date with new sewing pattern releases.More about us

The Wildflower Dress pattern is packed with so many options you can sew 144 different dresses! The Wildflower is one of our most popular dress patterns for girls and is routinely sewn up for Easter, Christmas, or other special occasions. It can also be made as a play dress depending on fabric choice. It's designed for non-stretch fabrics.

The Eli Monster Sewing Patterns and Knitting Patterns are instantly downloadable PDF files that you can print out and start creating right away! Hidden seams and pockets make our sewing patterns stand out from the crowd.

I started Oh Me Oh My Sewing to share my love of sewing with others. This is a one woman show so everything you see here was designed, drafted, and created by me! I hope you enjoy your visit to my little world.

We also offer a selection of PDF sewing patterns, where the pattern files are emailed instantly to you on completion of ordering and can then either be printed at home on an A4 printed and pieced together.

I spent the day working with this pattern. It is clearly one of the best written patterns that I have seen in my life of sewing. I am 70 years old and have sewn since I was a small child. The pattern is written beautifully with clear pictures and a video to boot! Highly recommend!

It's another listener questions episode where we take on what you want to know! On today's show... We look at the U.S. birth rate. Are we booming or busting? Does the Consumer Price Index capture what's happening in rural America? And copyrighting knitting & sewing patterns, it's a tangled issue! If you have a question you'd like us to answer, email us at by Drop Electric. Find us: Twitter / Facebook / Newsletter.

After being away from sewing for a few years, I started with the Collage Gather Top (It was also the first time I purchased a PDF pattern). It is a brilliant top, well designed (putting the pattern together was easy-peasy) and sewing it was super fun. My only problem now is choosing what fabric to make the next one with.

would love to leave a review but I am not able to open the pattern - the message "application not found - comes up and that is the end of it. If a special program is needed to open your patterns you should warn people about that. Or masybe you did and I missed it. Anyway I have paid for a pattern I will never be able to use Grrr. Any ideas for a solution?

Inspired by the incredible kimono in our collections and the Japanese art of origami, these free, downloadable patterns and comprehensive instructions will guide you step-by-step through making a versatile and flattering dress and choice of sleeve. Each sleeve varies in complexity and there are ideas for further tailoring the patterns to make something utterly unique.

A 'huipil' is a sleeveless tunic, traditionally worn by women in many regions of Mexico and Guatemala. This sewing pattern is inspired by the huipiles worn by the artist Frida Kahlo, as well as examples in our textile collection.

Create your own classic 1940s fashions with these downloadable knitting patterns, including some very natty head-gear, flashy fish-nets ("Vogue's choice for town") and the patriotic 'Victory jumper'. There's even a pattern to make a 'happy-thought' tea-cosy.

These free, downloadable embroidery patterns have been inspired by a group of beautiful 19th-century samplers in our collection, originating from Mexico. Follow the instructions to make an embroidered bag, big enough for a wallet, keys and mobile phone or use the designs to decorate your own creations.

Other than that, there are a lot of other free patterns available out there ranging from samples offered by established pattern brands to DIYs on sewing blogs. Through my internet sleuthing I managed to uncover quite a few of these hidden gems as well. So without further ado, here are 20 sewing patterns you can make for summer that are totally free!

Swimwear pattern brand Edgewater Ave actually has four different styles of swim tops to choose from for free! Swimwear can be a difficult sew, but it can also be really fun to make, and these free patterns give you the chance to try some different styles without having to purchase a pattern.

The very best in digital PDF Sewing Patterns. Purchase a pattern today and you will be able to instantly download your sewing patterns, print them, and start your project immediately. Once you purchase a downloadable sewing pattern, they will be available in your account to download at any time in the future.

All patterns are instantly downloadable and my huge range includes dress patterns for girls, boys sewing patterns, purse patterns, women's patterns, baby sewing patterns and of course sewing patterns for beginners. Your sewing patterns include printable pattern pieces and quality, full instructions with detailed diagrams. Downloadable sewing patterns can be printed on A4 and letter paper and have both imperial and metric measurements so it doesn't matter where you live. All clothing patterns come with multiple sizing which is especially useful for kids who are constantly growing!

Are you a beginner sewer or just looking to brush up on some of your sewing skills? Head over to my blog where I have over 300 learn to sew articles and projects. Learning sewing online is perfect for going at your own pace. 041b061a72


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