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Landon Ward
Landon Ward

One Piece Episode 356

So, let me get this straight, we did a podcast episode, right, and we had Kotaku writer Ruby Innes as a guest, ok, and we were FREAKING DRAGGIN' this lame Forspoken trailer? That's a thing, that's what we do now? Oh, and I'm talking to a freakin microphone! Yes, we talk about the worst trailer for a game ever, plus Ghost of Tsushima movie adaptation news, various game delays and a really fun review of Cult of the Lamb. Check out Ruby's stuff on Kotaku AU and her comics here:

One Piece Episode 356


The three winning stories will be purchased and run as an episode of PodCastle. Stories will be published on a members-only section of the forums, so first publication rights will not be expended by participating in the contest.

I made the mistake of reading your HP story. I (against better judgement) bought a HP machine and its a piece of crap. If you put it in standbye (by closing it or letting it idle for too long) the internet software shuts down and does not fix itself until a full restart. So you have to shut it down every time you decide to not use it for a moment.

In any case, your tale of woe regarding your HP computer is strikingly similar to the story of our first Win95 machine, a Compaq Presario. Man, that thing was a piece of . . . work. The thing had two redeeming factors:

Guild Wars 2 ran well in solo play. It ran like absolute garbage in large battles. Big sections of the game were focused on those big battles. There was world PvP (which eventually became unplayable) and the big set-piece PvE fights that took over a zone and were the first time a MMO really tried to focus on that. It was a big deal back in the day. Except it was so bad, every big fight was with invisible armies that *could not* render. A major problem. 041b061a72


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